Grad Photos
at the Athabasca University Convocation Ceremonies
Grad Photos will be offered at the convocation ceremonies this year, on site at Athabasca University.  We look forward to seeing you there!
Photos for AU 2017 Graduates

Stage Photos

Grad & Family Portraits

Group Photos

Photos will be taken of each graduate on stage as they receive their recognition.  The images will be available for free to download, provided with congratulations by Athabasca University.
Grad cap & gown portraits are offered on-site, the day of your ceremony.  You can take portraits by yourself, or bring family and friends to take part.

A session fee will be charged at the photo station.
Some classes will also be taking a group portrait.  For those that participate, the photos will also be paid for by your faculty at Athabasca University and will be made available for download.  Check with your faculty admin to see if a group photo is planned.

Grad & Family Portraits

New Light Photography will be on site at the convocation to provide portraits for graduates and their families.  To have a photo session for yourself, you must book an appointment on our calendar.

All family and grad photos will take place in the Athabasca Regional Multiplex.  Photo stations will be set up in the curling arena; signs will be posted to help you find your way.
What to wear:
The graduation gown will cover most of your clothing, although it does reveal your neckline.  For men we suggest you wear a shirt and tie; ladies should consider their neckline also and ideally bring a shirt with a lower collar (such as a tank top) that will not appear under the gown.

We will provide the official gown and hood.  Athabasca University does not use a cap as part of the official academic costume, but we will have several mortarboard-type graduation caps available for photo sessions if you wish. 
What to bring along:
In short - your sitting fee, and your smile!  There is a fee to have your photos taken - $20.00 +GST for individuals OR family photos, and $30.00 +GST for both in one session.  (Cash is preferred for this.)  In addition to the gowns we supply fresh roses which can be used to accent your photos, and you are welcome to bring small props of your own if you wish!
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More information:

Visit the Athabasca University convocation page