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One of the questions we are asked most often is, "Where should we go for our portraits?"  To help with planning your photo session, here are a few photographer-tested photo locations in Edmonton and area, including both indoor and outdoor spots for great pictures.

Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a great place to start!  If you have other ideas please let us know, we'd be happy to add to this list.

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Wedding Photos at the Legislature
Wedding Photos at Alberta Legislature

Alberta Legislature Building

Access: Outdoors only, open to the public.
The Alberta Legislature grounds is one of the most popular - and populated - parks in the city. With a wide variety of mature trees, beautiful architecture, fountains, and flowers there are abundant photo opportunities here. There are often other weddings on the grounds as well as tourists, but there is so much space this rarely creates a problem.
Government House Wedding Photo
Wedding Photos at Government House

Alberta Government House

Access: Outdoors only, open to the public.

The Government House shares grounds with the old Royal Alberta Museum (which is moving downtown in 2017).  This location is very popular for wedding photos due to an excellent blend of landscaping and architecture, providing lots of visual variety within a relatively small area.  Use of the grounds is possible for an outdoor ceremony as well.
Photography at Edmonton City Hall
Photography at Edmonton City Hall

Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA)

Access: Outdoors open to the public, Indoors should be booked.

Just across from Churchill Square and Edmonton City Hall, the AGA is a beautifully unique structure that brings a very creative twist to the downtown.  The exterior is a neat backdrop, but the interior is where sweeping curved architecture, staircases and furniture create stunning photo opportunities that you won't find anywhere else.  Space is available for rooftop wedding ceremonies as well as indoor events and banquets.
Wedding Photos at Citadel Theatre
Wedding at Citadel Theatre

The Citadel Theatre

Access: Indoors only, event booking required.

The Citadel theatre has a large indoor garden featuring an upstairs lake and a waterfall wall (under renovations in 2016). Daytime sessions are best as most of the interior light comes from their large windows.  The lobby areas are open for the public to enjoy freely, but photo sessions and events must be booked in advance.
Wedding at Devonian Gardens
Wedding Photos at Devonian Gardens

Devonian Botanic Garden

Access: Outdoors, limited indoors; Admission charged.

Although this is primarily an outdoor location - and a bit of a drive too - the Devonian Gardens provide almost unparalleled beauty and variety.  The Japanese Garden is the most popular section for photos with running water features and immaculately kept grounds.  Other areas of the Garden feature beautiful variety of foliage and areas custom-designed for wedding ceremonies.
Photography at Edmonton City Hall
Photography at Edmonton City Hall

Edmonton City Hall

Access: Outdoors open to the public, Indoors should be booked.

Edmonton's City Hall is a beautifully designed building with a selection of railings, pillars, staircases and smaller features which keep portrait backgrounds interesting.  The interior is modern and bright; the exterior features a large fountain and wading pool.  It is wise to check if events are planned as the Hall hosts a wide variety of activities.  Visiting is free, but events and professional shoots should be booked.

The Enjoy Centre (St. Albert)

Access: Outdoors and Indoors.  Event booking required.

The Enjoy Centre in St. Albert is well recognized as a great location for receptions and events, but from a purely photographic standpoint it is somewhat limited.  The blend of farmer's market and greenhouse allows for candid images but has few "clean" portrait areas when it gets down to it.  If you don't mind navigating other patrons and choosing angles carefully there are definitely some neat photos here.
Wedding Photos at Festival Place
Wedding Photos at Festival Place

Festival Place (Sherwood Park)

Access: Outdoors open to the public.  Indoors require booking.

For an all-in-one location Festival Place (in Sherwood Park) is a wonderful choice. Located on beautiful grounds with pathways, bridges, and a fountain, there are many nice portrait spots.   In addition, their main theatre makes a beautiful and unique place to hold your ceremony (worth a look!) and their banquet hall - or their stage! - hosts a wonderful reception.
Fort Edmonton Wedding Photos
Fort Edmonton Wedding

Fort Edmonton Park

Access: Outdoors and Indoors, seasonal.  Admission charged.

For a charming historical look to your portraits Fort Edmonton offers a great variety of locations. The many different faces of this facility offer more variety than you could ever use in one session.  Churches and buildings on the grounds can be booked to add character to your wedding or event.  Note that the park is closed to general admission during the winter months.

Fort Heritage Precinct (Ft Saskatchewan)

Access: Outdoors and Indoors, Admission Charged.

Fort Saskatchewan's historical district includes a mix of restored buildings from the early 1900's.  An old schoolhouse, church, and the NWMP fort are just part of the grounds which offers a variety of great photo opportunities with a historical theme.  You can book both events and photo sessions indoors and around the grounds.
Wedding Photos at Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

Access: Outdoors and Indoors, booking required.

Another beautiful historical landmark, the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald is most flexible when you are a) booked early, and b) booked into one of their suites. Wonderful turn-of-the-century type architecture and furniture as well as a carefully landscaped yard make this an elegant choice for portraits.
Streetcar Wedding
Edmonton Streetcar Wedding Photo

High Level Bridge Streetcar

Access: Outdoors, May - September.  Pay to ride streetcars.

The Edmonton Radial Railway Society is enthusiastic about their fleet of streetcars, and a ride on one provides a truly unique set of photo opportunities.  The cars themselves are fascinating, the trip over the High Level Bridge provides an amazing view of the river and downtown, and there are a few tunnels with street art and graffiti along the way - uncommon in Edmonton.  Their garage in Old Strathcona provides a neat rail-themed location.
Wedding Photos at John Janzen
Wedding at John Janzen Nature Center

John Janzen Nature Center

Access: Outdoors only, open to the public.

Located right next to Fort Edmonton Park, the Nature Center offers a varied natural parkland for beautiful photo opportunities. A bridge leading over a small pond leads into a system of nature trails which are great places to spend some time exploring - and taking pictures!  (Note: Technically the Center is an indoor learning facility, but those spaces are not typically available for photo sessions.)

Magrath Mansion

Access: Contact Cindy - 780-619-2223   cindyr@look.ca

This home is a private residence so access is by permission only. The home was extensively renovated to restore much of its original design and is now a truly majestic feature along Ada Boulevard.  A large fountain, grand stairs and veranda are among the home's most noted features.  Outdoor bookings are available both for portrait sessions and wedding ceremonies.

McKay Avenue School

Access: Outdoors and Indoors, booking required.

A bit of an Edmonton secret, this provincial heritage site in downtown Edmonton hosts the Edmonton Public Schools archives and museum. The arched doorways and stone steps of the building provide some great photo spots. The inside can also be booked for ceremonies and other events. The Dick Mather gazebo on the adjoining property can also be booked from Edmonton Parks & Recreation.
Wedding Photography at Muttart Conservatory
Wedding Photos at Muttart Conservatory

Muttart Conservatory

Access: Outdoors open to public, Indoors Admission Charged.

Beautiful any time of year, the Muttart Conservatory is made of four glass pyramids with indoor gardens of differing styles. Lots of flowers, indoor waterways and bridges, and paths through the greenery make for excellent photographs. You may book this location for portraits, weddings and events - but call early as it is popular and books up fast.

Prince of Wales Armouries

Access: Outdoors open to the public.
Indoors: Visitor access is free; event rates on website

The Armoury is a large historical building with potential for photography. The interior hallways contain some attractive brick features and there are old wooden stairways with rich wood banisters, but for the most part it is a museum.  The building's exterior has some good photo locations although the surrounding grounds are simple in design.

Trestle Bridge Wedding Photo
Trestle Bridge Wedding Photo

St. Albert Trestle Bridge

Access: Outdoors only, pathways open to the public.

Located out back of the Lion's Park in St. Albert, this wooden bridge stands above the Sturgeon River as one of the area's most notable landmarks.  The bridge is a great backdrop for photos, and following the walking path along the river leads to many areas of natural beauty.  Note that the bridge itself is CN Rail private property, so please don't climb up top.

Strathearn Drive (Gallagher Park)

Access: Outdoors only, open to the public.

Among the many parks in our wonderfully green city, I mention this one because of the great view of Edmonton's downtown.  Exit the 98th Ave traffic circle to the south along 85 Street, then turn in and backtrack along the top of the hill.  The eastern portion has great views over the city as depicted here; following the Drive further gives a view over Gallagher Park and the Muttart Conservatory as well.

TELUS World of Science

Access: Outdoors open to public, Indoors booking required.

Edmonton's space and science centre might be considered the domain of kids and science enthusiasts until you think how romantic getting married under the stars can be. The Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre is dazzling when the lights go down, and their catering and banquet areas are also really cool.  The park outdoors is also quite beautiful for more conventional photos.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Access: Outdoors & Indoors, Admission charged.

Very few locations in the Edmonton area bring history to life the way they do at the Ukranian Village. Just 20 minutes from Edmonton's city limits, the trip is very reasonable and the results are worth it. Beautiful historic churches to host your wedding ceremony, unique photo opportunities and a rich historical character to the park all make for an enjoyable visit.

University of Alberta - Arts Building

Access: Outdoors and Indoors.
Contact University of Alberta Facilities.
(Typically small groups can visit without bookings.)

On the U of A campus there is quite likely no more beautiful location for portraits than the Arts Building. The front door is framed by an arched entrance and climbing vines; the grounds in front of the building feature beautiful trees and flowers to compliment the classic building; and the lobby inside has sandstone rails and arches leading in to Convocation Hall. 

A few more ideas...

A few other locations I've worked in, which may give you some inspiration:

- Neil Crawford Center on 113 st (Indoor garden)
- Ramada on Kingsway (Indoor garden)
- U of A - Timms Centre  (Indoor atrium)
- Greenland Garden Center
- Alberta Railway Museum - http://railwaymuseum.ab.ca
- Celtic Hall - www.edmontongolfdome.com/
- Hot Air Balloon Rides
- Edmonton Valley Zoo - www.edmonton.ca/valleyzoo
- Edmonton Queen Riverboat - www.edmontonqueen.com
- St. Andrews Extended Care Center - (Indoor garden)
- John Walter Museum - www.edmonton.ca/johnwalter
- Edmonton Aviation Museum - www.albertaaviationmuseum.com/
- Edmonton's Jubilee Auditorium - www.jubileeauditorium.com/northern
- Alexander Circle (Old Glenora)
- Royal Mayfair Golf & Country Club
- Rutherford House (U of A historical building)
- TELUS Field Baseball diamond
- West Edmonton Mall (Santa Maria ship, Europa Blvd, and more)

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