About Michael

A portrait is created
where artist and subject intersect.

I'm proud to display my designation of Craftsman Photographer, granted by the Master Photographers International.  To earn this designation, I had to be evaluated by top photographic experts.  They took the time to check out my images, abilities, and professionalism, so that you know when you hire me that you're choosing a skilled and trustworthy professional.

My life and especially my career in photography has taught me to stop and learn what people are passionate about.

The things that get you excited might be very noble or very simple. I've met people who are passionate about advanced bio-electronics and others who are super excited about their pets -- it's the light in your eyes when you talk about it that I want to capture in your portrait.

That endless variety is what keeps my work New every day. You bring your Light to the camera, and I'll bring the creative imagery. Together we can create some truly memorable images.

-- Michael

Along the way I've been privileged to meet and photograph some amazing people who you might recognize:

and many more leaders in their local communities or organizations.

Thank You!

I'd also like to offer a few words of thanks to the many incredible people who have helped me along the way. 

Thanks to my instructors at NAIT, especially Peter Sauer who gave me lessons I still use every day.  Thanks to Rik Nielsen (RIP) who gave me my first opportunity as a photographer and believed in me even when I messed up.  A huge thanks to my wife Nicole who keeps me on track and fills in the gaps where I'm incomplete.  Finally, a huge thank you to the many other people who have worked and still work with me today to create great photos and capture memories for our clients.