Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice:

You probably already know this, but apparently it needs to be put in writing: all content* on this site is copyrighted artwork and may not be reproduced, shared or "borrowed" without permission.

Under Canadian law, artists retain all rights to their work unless they spcifically release them in writing. In other words, hiring a photographer does not automatically give you permission to use the photos they create for you. At New Light Photography, some wedding and portrait packages include this permission and when you purchase downloads from our site we include those rights as well. Look for details in your written agreement.

Copyright is generally held under our corporation name New Light Photography Inc., but may also be marked as SUB Photo or

Please contact us if you have further questions.

* Well, everything is copyright except maybe the meme above. I mean, technically that image started as 'public domain' and then we modified it and made the caption, so it's "ours" in a sense, but we won't be making any claims of ownership. Fine, go ahead and steal the copyright meme if you want to.